The process can take anything between 4- 8 weeks. A trade test certificate can take a minimum of 3 months to be sent to us from QCTO:

ARPL booking: can be booked upon your availability (almost immediately if you fit the criteria)

Serial number: ±2 weeks after ARPL assessment

Trade Test Readiness: ± 4 weeks upon receipt of serial number Trade testing: immediately after the last day of trade test readiness Certificate: ± 3 months after trade testing

  • I cannot be available for 6 weeks or the duration recommended That’s perfectly fine. At Qualitas we are accommodating to all your needs and time constraints/limitations. You do not have to attend your programme consecutively (all at once). You are welcome to attend according to your availability. We do encourage at least a few times a week or a week a month so as to not extend the programme too long and to cover content thoroughly.