In this case you can provide an affidavit.

  • I am self employed, does my letter count? Self employed candidates’ experience does count towards a trade test application. You will need to provide an affidavit stating you are self employed but you must also get at least 3 statements in the form of affidavits, from people who you have rendered services to.
  • I am a foreign national, can I apply for a trade test? Yes. As long as your work permit is valid for longer than 6 months, you can apply for a trade test. Make sure you meet the rest of the requirements too.
  • Can I do preparation and trade testing only? The only trade you can do this for is Auto-electrical. All the other trades we offer require the candidate to first do a compulsory ARPL assessment. If, however, you have completed your ARPL assessment at a different center and would like to make use of our other services, you are welcome to, as long as you provide evidence of the completion of the ARPL as well as the recommendation enclosed with it.
  • I only need 1 week of training, when can I start? The ARPL assessment will give us a recommendation and indication of how many weeks of training you will need. Training can refer to both gap closure training and/or trade test preparation. Therefore any trade that requires an ARPL assessment means you will