Trade Test Readiness Training

Trade Test Preparation

Step 2 in entering the trade test process.

If you were found competent in the ARPL assessment and were given the recommendation to proceed with trade test preparation, you will then be able to practice the various trade test tasks to prepare yourself for the actual trade test.

The duration of the trade test preparation is determined by the outcome of the ARPL assessment.

Because we are a private SDP, we are able to customize a training programme based on your learning objectives and requirements answering “what do I want to achieve at the end of this learning programme?

This service is great for someone who wants to learn one skill at a time or for someone who wants to brush up on particular skills.

The ARPL assessment will give the candidate and the assessor an indication into how ready the candidate is for the trade test. It provides a clear outline into the tasks or knowledge that the candidate may be lacking or having a ‘gap’ in. This will give the candidate an opportunity to head back to the workplace or an accredited training centre such as ours where he can then learn these skills.

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