Qualitas Training began in 2007

by our Director Mr Saalim Adamgee who began his career in the trades in 1990.

Saalim Adamgee – Director of Qualitas Training

I’ve been in the skills development and technical training industry since 1989. My years in the industry have motivated me to sow the seeds to start this training center and to offer value-driven services different from my competitors and upcoming providers. Training should lend beyond the scope of attaining a qualification but should seek to equip people with the kind of skill that is laced with understanding, logic, ability and implementation.

Qualitas training offers services such as ARPL assessment, skills programmes, trade test preparation, refresher courses, apprenticeship training, trade testing for red seal qualification, and customised courses.

All our training is both theoretical and practical. We pride ourselves in employing qualified industry and subject matter experts. This means that teaching is done from first-hand experience ensuring a complete understanding of the task at hand as well as expert execution.

Our values at Qualitas include integrity, honesty and learning for life. We accommodate and encourage anyone, at any age, with any qualification or none, to pursue training with us as our promise of quality training remains.

We have extended our scope of trades under our sister company QT Gauteng. Here we extend the same values with a vision of enticing the youth to take an interest in the trades.QT Gauteng is youthful, colorful, and vibrant and this can be seen on our walls in various expressions of graffiti.

We invite everyone to step into our world and experience quality training like never before.

Who We Are

Qualitas Training is a fully accredited training and trade test center. We offer a variety of training options in 5 trades namely diesel mechanic, motor mechanic, auto-electrician, welding, and electrician.

At Qualitas we have created methods of teaching that encourage participation, and implementation, and ensure understanding of the task at hand.

Our building is fully equipped in all the above-mentioned trades and as such, candidates are exposed to equipment and tools they will find in workplaces.

Qualitas Training began in 2007 by our Director Mr Saalim Adamgee who began his career in the trades in1990. A tradesman by nature, Saalim’s career spanned into the training sector where he noticed a need for quality training centres. It was this that sparked the inception of Qualitas Training.

QT Training

QT Gauteng is a sister company of Qualitas Training. The concept around QT Gauteng was to introduce trades in a fun and artistic way to appeal to the youth who often are not aware of the various trade options available to them, while also offering training and certification in critical trades.

QT Gauteng offers trades such as boiler making, millwright, mechanical fitting, and plumbing and is a fully accredited skills development provider and trade test center.

QT Gauteng shares a roof under Qualitas’ 4000m2 building. Additionally to this, it also shares the same training methodologies which reap proven results and success.

What We Stand For

South Africa is facing a massive skills shortage and if young people can gain more insight into what the technical industry entails, they won’t choose it as an alternative, but instead, as a first choice.

At Qualitas and QT Gauteng, our training is both theoretical and practical offering candidates a hands-on approach to training. This method ensures learners can get exposure to real-life equipment, machinery, and mechanisms.

When exposed practically, candidates can also understand HOW and WHY and will be able to implement practices and skills immediately in the workplace.

At Qualitas Training and QT Gauteng, our aim is to qualify candidates to the best of our ability and theirs.

Our training is thorough and offers candidates insight and skills that will ready them for the workforce.

Our facilitators are industry experts. They are all fully qualified and offer teaching beyond syllabus requirements but from first-hand accounts and experience too.

Our training methodologies have proven successful time and time again. Theoretical training together with practical training ensures candidates can fully comprehend the task at hand, making it more impactful and memorable.

We operate in the same building, therefore offering you convenience. And because we have extensive knowledge of the training and skills development sector, we carry the same drive, quality, and commitment across all trades and in both companies.

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“Qualitas is the BEST place to be, the focus it’s not only on your trade but you are given a chance to develop in other key areas, engaging your self with dedication handwork and passion with the right attitude is how u Learn, to become a Real Artisan a jack of all trades and my Assessor, with the whole Management team, welcomed me with warm hearts. I’ll forever remain grateful for all Skills acquired through Qualitas”

Edward Ramokolo

Service SETA rescue project

Qualitas Training Centre Johannesburg
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