Artisan Recognition to Prior Learning

ARPL Assessment

A compulsory assessment and step 1 in entering the trade test process.

ARPL stands for Artisan Recognition to Prior Learning. This is an assessment designed to create an equal opportunity for all those who want to do a trade test to attain red seal certification. This assessment takes into consideration both formal and informal learning over the course of your career and tests how ready you are for the trade test. This is step one in entering a process that leads you to qualifying and is therefore compulsory.

The ARPL assessment will give the candidate and the assessor an indication into how ready the candidate is for the trade test. It provides a clear outline into the tasks or knowledge that the candidate may be lacking or having a ‘gap’ in. This will give the candidate an opportunity to head back to the workplace or an accredited training centre such as ours where he can then learn these skills.

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The ARPL Process

The ARPL assessment is a compulsory assessment designed to test your readiness for the trade test. This assessment takes into consideration all your experience over your career, both formal and informal. But what does this mean? Formal experience is any work experience (relevant to the trade) that you received from a registered company or organisation.

Informal experience is the experience you may have gained privately, at an unregistered facility (example “backyard”)

This assessment was designed to assist with the injustices of the past and provide everyone with fair access to a process that could lead to a qualification.

The ARPL assessment is step one in the trade test process as it determines how ready you are for the trade test while simultaneously considering all your experience and knowledge in the trade.

The ARPL assessment offers us two potential outcomes:

  1. GAP closure training
  2. Procession with trade test preparation aka “Trade test readiness training”

What is GAP closure training?

“GAP” refers to a lack of skill and knowledge that may be required for the trade test. This result does not mean that you have failed the assessment, it just means that you may not be completely ready for the trade test and will therefore require additional training depending on the size of the gap ( much you were found to not be competent in) you would need to either return to the workplace to close that gap or close it as an accredited training center such as ours.

Trade test preparation refers to practicing on the equipment to be ready for your test. Sometimes the workplace may not offer the exact equipment and skills necessary for the trade test syllabus.

The ARPL is not a “fail” or “pass” assessment but rather one that is able to advise you in the right direction.

The ARPL assessment requires a minimum of 3 years work experience in the trade you wish to qualify in.

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