Attaining a red seal certificate from QCTO

Trade Testing

This is the final assessment that will lead to you being a qualified artisan

This is the final assessment which will lead to you being a qualified artisan and attaining a red seal certificate from QCTO. It is conducted over 2 days. You are allowed up to 4 attempts. You will, however, be required to return to the workplace after the third attempt. However, at Qualitas, we seldom see a third attempt as we ensure our candidates are guided as best as possible from the beginning, receiving the best advice and training programme.

Our aim is to produce South Africa’s artisans, and this will be done with quality and thoroughness.

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“Qualitas is the BEST place to be, the focus it’s not only on your trade but you are given a chance to develop in other key areas, engaging your self with dedication handwork and passion with the right attitude is how u Learn, to become a Real Artisan a jack of all trades and my Assessor, with the whole Management team, welcomed me with warm hearts. I’ll forever remain grateful for all Skills acquired through Qualitas”

Edward Ramokolo

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