It is important to note that even though candidates may have years of experience they may still receive this kind of recommendation as

workplaces do not always cover the scope required for the trade test therefore we urge you to not feel demotivated or discouraged by this feedback.

Gap closure training involves learning tasks that you may not have learnt in the workplace. Our facilitators are thorough in their teaching to ensure you understand any tasks you may have gaps in.

The ARPL assessment determines any gaps in your training. If these gaps are small enough for us to polish up and train you in, we will do this for the duration based on the recommendation of the assessment. We also offer this service to candidates who may have done their ARPL assessments at other centres and have received recommendations. Please make this report available should you wish to apply with us.

The ARPL assessment will give the candidate and the assessor an indication into how ready the candidate is for the trade test. It provides a clear outline into the tasks or knowledge that the candidate may be lacking or having a ‘gap’ in. This will give the candidate an opportunity to head back to the workplace or an accredited training centre such as ours where he can then learn these skills.


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