Trade Tests at Qualitas Training are meant to ensure that you are ready to acquire skills, develop on a personal level, and also find your niche with regard to the technical trade you would like to venture into. This blog will speak to who exactly qualifies for a trade test.

Trade tests at Qualitas Training are guided by a framework laid out in the Skills development act, 1998 (trade test regulations, 2014) which “provides a single national artisan trade testing and certification system across all economic sectors”. As such Qualitas has a responsibility in providing quality training and standardized regulations to ensure candidates meet the requirements to enter a process that leads to a trade test and is tested fairly, efficiently, and effectively. This blog will speak to who exactly qualifies for a trade test.

Get acquainted with what we do


We are all about comprehensive training. With more than 15 years of experience in the skills development sector, our approach to training is both theoretical and practical. This helps our candidates implement that very theoretical knowledge practically.

Due to the fact that we are an accredited Training and Trade Test centre, we are hands-on and passionate about guiding, facilitating, and pruning technical traders with stellar rapport. You can rest assured that we have experienced and knowledgeable facilitators who are well-rounded in each trade they give training in.

We offer and specialize in 5 trades: Motor Mechanics, Auto-Electricians, Welding, Electricians, and Diesel Mechanics. With that said, let us get into what a trade test is and who can qualify for it.

Trade Test 101

Let’s start off with the basics and lay the foundation, shall we?

What is a Trade Test? This is a final integrated summative assessment for an artisan qualification for a particular listed trade. Candidates who meet the minimum criteria can consider undergoing this process to gain a red seal certificate. There are accredited centers and registered bodies that facilitate, conduct, and moderate these tests. As aforementioned, we are an accredited Training and Trade Test Center offering such services. We also prioritize the preparation and readiness that our learners should have for these tests so that they are acquainted with the trade test tasks. It should be noted that this is not to learn anything new, but rather to practice and prepare.

You may wonder how much time you will need for preparation, or exactly how long this process takes. This is where the ARPL assessment comes in. This compulsory assessment will provide both you and the assessor an idea of just how ready you are for the trade test as it gives a clear indication of just how much you know and whether or not there are any gaps in this knowledge. It is important to note that even though you may have been working for years, you may not necessarily have covered all the tasks required for the trade test.

The Trade Test, at Qualitas Training, is the last assessment that is one step away from you being an Artisan. The regulation allows up to 4 attempts at this assessment, but we are elated to express that we seldom see a third attempt on them here.

For more on Trade Tests, our website has the full scope. What you should have confidence in, is that Qualitas Training Trade Tests will always produce South Africa’s finest artisans, thoroughly and with top-tier quality.

Who qualifies for a Qualitas Trade Test? 

Trade tests are offered to individuals who have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the trade they wish to qualify in, whether the experience was obtained formally or informally. This means that even if the experience you obtained or the company you worked for, was not formally recognized (AKA backyard), this experience will be recognized.

At Qualitas we value giving off our time, knowledge, and expertise to hone the minds and futures of those who wish to grow professionally and develop on a personal level. We have Gap Closure Training which consists of learning tasks that you may not have learned in your workplace, even if you have years of experience. This comes as a recommendation and we can guarantee you it will look just as good on your resume! For more on the different learning programs and assessments we have, you can visit our website or get in touch with us.

That’s not all, we want to make sure that we leave no stone unturned as far as information and clarity go. Our FAQs page is there for you to get answers to any questions you may have so feel free to go the extra mile and read more.

Get in line to be the next best Artisan with Qualitas Training

We have delved into what we do in order for you to understand what Trade Tests are and how exactly they help set you up for your professional life in trade. Being a qualified Artisan takes thoroughness, attention to detail, and quality training. That’s why Qualitas Training is ideal to set you up for a good career!

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